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Nuestro legado


Our legacy of bringing out the best

Since 1888, our founder Andres Brugal believed in pursuing the best possible. It is the foundation upon which our home has been built, and now extends beyond the Dominican Republic to the far-reaching corners of the world.


A 130-year journey

When Brugal was founded in 1888, the Dominican Republic was still relatively unknown in the world. However, new horizons and the discovery of the best possible has always been at the heart of Brugal's progress and recognition; taking Brugal to the world and bringing the lessons of the world back to Brugal, all rooted in a desire to be inspired and inspire others.
Rum in Nosing Glass


Expertise over time

Brugal started as a family business, but with each and every generation Brugal has grown into an extended, international family. A family of experts committed to bringing out the very best and ensuring that the Brugal legacy continues.

Dominican Republic Countryside


Ongoing commitment

Brugal continues to bring out the best with its commitment and contributions to the development and wellbeing of our people and communities, in the Dominican Republic and internationally. From island infrastructure and the first hospital in Puerto Plata, to ongoing environment and community support, Brugal is dedicated to bringing out the best of a land and its people.

Brugal established the Brugal Foundation, now a separate charitable organisation which has become the most admired non-profit institution in the country with programs and actions positively impacting whole of the Dominican Republic.

Brugal is constantly progressing, whilst helping others to progress too. This ethos and spirit is what we believe in, caring and nurturing the community from which we have grown and leaving a legacy with a warm and welcoming embrace.


Learn more about how we harness our exceptional cask aging and the warmth of the Dominican sun.


In every moment, and every sip of Brugal 1888, wonders are waiting to be revealed.