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Nuestra Maestría


Perfecting our rum making process

Our exceptional rum making process has been carefully crafted at our Dominican home in Puerto Plata since 1888. Just like our Founder Don Andres, our 5th generation Maestro Roneros are passionate about bringing out the best in every cask and blend. It is our absolute dedication to quality that has allowed each stage of our process to be meticulously perfected over time.


Over 130 Years of Rum Mastery

A uniquely light and pure spirit

Brugal’s pure spirit has been wonderfully crafted and designed to be exceptionally light, pure and of the highest quality. This has been meticulously designed to our Maestros Roneros exact specification to allow the flavor from our exceptional casks to take center stage and bring out the best possible flavors from our casks during ageing.

Maestro Ronero Jassil checking cask


Masters of wood and cask

Up to 85% of our flavor comes from cask ageing which is why casks are at the heart of our treasured rums. Every cask has a life of its own, and our Maestro Roneros carefully hand-pick only those casks with the right type of wood, age and provenance to create the best flavors in our aged rum.

To ensure we develop the right flavors we only use the best quality casks, and our dedicated team of ageing specialists inspect each and every American oak ex-bourbon cask and European oak sherry cask used for Brugal. We believe it is this attention to detail that brings out the best within our rum.

Expertly aged under the warmth of the Dominican sun

Sourcing and selecting the best casks is vital, however the crafting of flavor doesn’t end there. The tropical warmth of our homeland plays a very special role in the ageing process for Brugal. Our warehouses are strategically positioned under the warmth of the Dominican sun. Our Maestros Roneros use their skill and expertise to harness this warmth, intensifying the aging process and bringing out the very best of our spirit and casks to give our rums character and complexity.


5 Generations of Accumulated Expertise

Started by our patriarch Papa Andres in 1888, our Maestro Roneros knowledge, intuition and skill release the promise in every cask and blend. Their continued passion and dedication to achieve the best possible for over five generations provides the exceptional quality of Brugal.

Our current Maestros Roneros are Jassil Villanueva and Miguel Ripoll who are the both 5th generation descendants from our founder’s family. They are truly experts in their field. Embracing progression, and driven by the pursuit of perfection, Brugal’s ageing expertise and mastery of rum prospers.

Jassil is also Brugal’s, and the Dominican Republic’s, first female Maestra Ronera, bringing a new perspective and skills into the Brugal legacy and continuing the journey to create exceptional premium rum.
Our Maestro Roneros