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Papá Andrés

Papá Andrés

Our greatest treasure. Named after our founder, Don Andrés Brugal, this blend of our most precious cask aged rums was enjoyed by the Brugal family for five generations before being released for sale.

Exquisite Collectible Rum Decanter

Each luxury limited edition of Papá Andrés is unique, and 2018’s edition was crafted to pay homage to our founder and celebrate 130 years of Dominican rum making expertise and heritage.

The decanter features an engraved metal collar alongside a hand-polished plaque and is presented in an elegant blue-jewel case featuring an intricate wave illustration design, symbolising Don Andrés’ journey across the Atlantic.

Only 1,000 handmade decanters were been crafted making this one of the most unique and extraordinary rums you can enjoy.

Papa Andres

Tasting Notes


Beautifully bright, with a rich, golden color.


Viscous and velvety, with subtle light and sweet notes. It coats the mouth, leaving you to savor the long, smooth and refined finish.


Delicate, with fruity nuances resulting from a marriage of rums from different types of casks.


It coats the mouth, leaving you to savor a long, smooth and sophisticated finish.

How to enjoy Papá Andrés

A special prestige rum for a special celebration, Papá Andrés is best enjoyed neat to savor the complex and refined flavor.


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