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Maestro Reserva


Maestro Reserva

A moment of mastery, five generations in the making. For over 135 years, five generations of Maestros Roneros have elevated the art of rum-making, crafting a legacy that stands the test of time. Now, guided by the expertise of our fifth-generation Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva, emerges Maestro Reserva - a moment-perfect masterpiece that encapsulates Brugal’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and innovation.

An Exceptional Sipping Rum
Sculpted by Wood, Flame, And Caramel

Masterfully crafted through Brugal’s exclusive Dark Aromatic Toasting Technique.

The secret lies in a "moment perfect" dance of natural elements, revealing a unique aromatic structure.


Born from Practice and Patience

Guided by the time-honoured cask expertise passed down through generations, our Maestros transform experience into perfection.

With an intuitive grasp of the precise alchemy of wood and flame that gives birth to luminous caramel pearls, they unveil the naturally smooth, well-rounded, and sweetly intricate liquid within.


A symphony of spectacular notes

Delicate vanilla and velvety caramel are enriched with accents of toasted nuts awakened by hints of smoke


The mastery of crafting a "Moment Perfect" rum

The finest American Sherry Oak casks are carefully hand selected by our fifth generation Brugal family Maestros Roneros and filled with rum.
These prestigious casks are then emptied and expertly toasted to a precise moment by our Maestros Roneros, using a technique unique to Brugal called Dark Aromatic Toasting.
04_3_Process_Caramel pearls
During this toasting process the natural sugars contained in the wooden staves are drawn from the cask, creating delicate caramel pears the casks are then refilled absorbing the caramel pearls. The result is an exceptional rum with natural colour and sweetness made for sipping.

A true celebration of Brugal’s legacy and craftsmanship

An exceptional sipping rum, elegantly presented in a bespoke decanter

Maestro Reserva rum bottle on dusk smoky background

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