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Rum Gifting Guide

There is no greater gift than sharing time with friends over a glass of their favorite liquor. In the same way, if you’re looking to give a token to your friend to celebrate a birthday, achievement or for the holidays, then giving the physical gift of their favorite tipple or some choice accessories will give them enjoyment for many occasions to come.


Whether your friend enjoys rum, scotch, whiskey or bourbon, discover the best alcohol gift sets and accessories for them.

Best gifts for rum drinkers

Premium rum

When buying a gift for a rum or dark spirit enthusiast, a special bottle of premium sipping rum is a well-considered choice. Brugal 1888 is double cask aged and perfectly balanced rum. Each bottle is carefully crafted by hand, with a wonderfully inviting and full flavor with notes of vanilla, red fruits, and toffee combined with cocoa and natural oak spice. Presented in a hand-finished bottle and sealed with wax to preserve the exquisite double-aged rum inside, it makes the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion.


For a truly exceptional gift to mark the most special moments, our prestige limited edition Papa Andres would be the jewel of spirits drinker’s collection. Boasting an exquisite handmade decanter that features an engraved metal collar, this beautifully complex and rare rum makes for an extraordinary present.


Home bar supplies

If you are searching for a present for someone who enjoys entertaining at home, consider gifting them items which could help them elevate their home bar. Some key basic equipment can open a world of cocktails; a good double-sided jigger, mixing spoon or fine bar strainer will enhance their favorite serve.


How to make a rum gift basket set for rum lovers

A personalised gift is a great way to create a meaningful and unique present for your loved one. Why not take inspiration from their favorite cocktail? Or if you need inspiration, pick from one of our nearly neat rum cocktail recipes. Include all the ingredients they might need, such as a bottle of Brugal 1888, along with the perfect glass to serve it in to really bring out the best of their drinking experience.


Cask aged spirit

To surprise whiskey aficionados that love the barrel-aged qualities of spirits like bourbon and scotch, why not give them the opportunity to try another barrel-aged spirit, such as Brugal 1888. With flavors they will recognise like oak spice, caramel and vanilla from the double cask aging process, it’s an opportunity for them to discover a whole new category of premium spirit.


What liquor or spirit to include in an alcohol gift set

If you’re unsure on what spirit to select to gift in either a set or by itself, then the best place to start is to consider the flavour profiles you think they will enjoy. Think about the tasting notes of their preferred tipple and look for similarities such as smokiness or sweetness in whatever you choose for the perfect gift.


You can then decide to gift them a favourite, or be confident to choose something a little unusual that might surprise them, knowing that it is well matched to their tastes.