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Colección Visionaria



Colección Visionaria, Edición 01

COLECCIÓN VISIONARIA is an exclusive, limited-edition that embodies Brugal’s visionary spirit and 135 years of cask expertise. Each generation of Brugal Maestro Ronero have left their distinctive mark, shaping our legacy and fuelling an unwavering passion for the art of rum-making.

Following in the footsteps of her predecessors, Brugal family member and Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva, dedicates herself to creating truly exceptional rums. She invites you to discover the vision behind this exceptional collection crafted using an innovative cask toasting technique unique to Brugal. 


The Inspiration​
Behind the Vision

This first edition carries a profound significance for Jassil our Maestra Ronera, as Dominican cacao holds a special place in her heart, symbolizing the bonds of home and family.

”One of my most cherished childhood memories is walking amongst the cacao trees surrounding my family home. I remember the lush and green cacao fields, the bittersweet scent of the cacao pods, and the rich aromas of roasted beans. It’s this memory I wanted to recreate with the first edition of Colección Visionaria”.​

- Jassil Villanueva, Brugal Maestra Ronera.

A Truly Memorable Sensorial Experience


The journey begins with rich aromas of hot chocolate, toasted oak, spices, and citrus – perfectly balanced with the softness of vanilla.



As you take the first sip, tastes of vanilla greet you with subtle hints of caramel, giving way to the richness of dark chocolate and dried fruits, with a hint of toasted nuts.



Finally, savour a smooth mouthfeel and long finish with toasted oak notes that linger after the sweetness dissipates. ​


A Unique Taste Demands a Unique Cask Toasting Technique

Forging a New Path in Rum Craftsmanship

Cacao treas

Step 1

Selecting the best Dominican Cacao

Our rums are 100% Dominican, and this collection is no exception. We carefully select the finest natural ingredients from our beloved homeland to craft the most authentic premium rums. For this first edition, we hand-selected one of the island’s most cherished treasures, cacao beans, and infused the casks with their distinct nutty, velvety and fruity aromas.

Step 2

Cask Toasting with Cacao Beans

Drawing on five generations of expertise, we’ve elevated the cask toasting process with our innovative Aromatic Cask Toasting Technique. In the case of Edición 01, our cask masters toast the casks with cacao beans, infusing the wood with their aromatic properties. The cacao beans are then removed, leaving behind their enticing aromas. The casks are then prepared to be filled with our exceptional liquid.

Step 3

Aging a Rich and Elegant Rum

Colección Visionaria is aged in expertly selected Virgin European Oak casks to develop the rum’s signature rich and complex flavors. For over 135 years, our skilled rum masters have employed time-honored techniques, honed through generations, to harness the perfect balance between climate, wood, and time. With every sip, you taste the culmination of years of expertise and the essence of our cherished homeland.

Handcrafted with Care

Every bottle is sealed by hand, signed, and wrapped in our iconic netting.​

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