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Our Rum


Bringing out the best of cask aged rum

Our rums are our greatest treasures. Each premium sipping rum is made with the accumulated expertise of five generations of Maestro Roneros, started by our patriarch Don Andrés in 1888. Today, his legacy and vision are brought to life through the 5th generation of master rum makers – bringing out the best of the rum making process.

Discover our Dominican aged rum

Over the last 130 years Brugal has pushed the boundaries of rum making to produce the best rum possible. Our Maestro Roneros have mastered the cask-aging process, using some of the finest wood casks in the world. Brugal’s aging experts carefully manage these hand selected oak casks in warehouses strategically positioned under the warmth of the Dominican sun to create Brugal’s complex yet smoother style. The result is a family of high-quality, top shelf aged rums with many flavors, endless cocktails, but one name: Brugal.

Find the best sipping rum for you.

Aged and Double Aged Rum

Cask aging is central to our flavour. Find out more about how we create our aged and double aged rum.

The History of Brugal

Discover more about 130 year history