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Brugal 1888 / Alexander Mijares Collection


Brugal 1888 / Alexander Mijares

The "Brugal 1888 / Alexander Mijares" collection pays homage to the legacy, warmth and joy of our Dominican rum's liquid artistry. Using eleven of our iconic Brugal 1888 bottles as his canvases, Mijares drew parallels between his own life and Brugal's storied history, transforming the bottles into one-of-a-kind works of art.

One-of-a-kind Art Inspired by a one-of-a-kind Rum

Since 1888, Brugal has been pushing the boundaries of the art of rum-making. Imbued with a pioneering and innovative spirit, the Brugal family has been writing the history of rum in the Dominican Republic for the past 130 years.


These guiding principles led Brugal to the realms of art – a world that resonates for its celebration of craftsmanship, collaboration, and sense of open community. One that fosters great minds coming together to create something of true mastery. It is these very elements that pioneered Brugal 1888, a double-aged natural rum that encapsulates Brugal’s signature elegant, complex, and aromatic taste. A premium rum that – like an extraordinary piece of art – has the power to bring people together.


The collaboration celebrates shared passions and is a fusion of two unique crafts that honor family legacy, Hispanic culture and giving back to local communities. Each rare bottle in the limited collection has been hand-painted by Mijares to represent a different chapter depicting how Brugal started and where it is today. Harnessing his signature vibrant colors, abstract strokes, and stained glass-style motifs, the Miami native interpreted and translated the Brugal story through the lens of his own Latin heritage and upbringing. Complimenting the bright colors, each bottle is topped with a hand-sculpted bronze stopper representing molasses, Brugal’s “black gold” and finest raw ingredient, cascading down the bottle. 

Alexander Mijares painting bottles
Alexander Mijares with master blender
Alexander Mijares in sugarcane field

Brugal 1888 Alexander Mijares Art Collaboration Collection