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Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


Created in the early 19th century, the Old Fashioned has been known by many names – a 'Bitter Sling' is just one of them from the 1830s. It was only coined an ‘Old Fashioned’ in the 1880s, and this is how we know it today. Much like Brugal, which was founded in 1888, this classic cocktail has stood the test of time, and with good reason.


With a composition of spirit, sugar, bitters and water, this is the cocktail that started it all. Brugal 1888 in an Old Fashioned is something not to be missed.


The not-too-sweet, complex woodiness of Brugal 1888 balances perfectly with the sugar. Meanwhile, the bitters unlock some of our more hidden rum notes, balancing the serve and tying the flavours together.


Our Brugal Brand Ambassadors have used their expertise to put together some creative twists on the Old Fashioned cocktail to add to your repertoire. Elevate and reimagine the traditional Old Fashioned by exploring something new to share with your loved ones that will bring out the best in any celebration.

Elevate your Old Fashioned

Our Signature Serve: The Maestro's Welcome

Image of our signature serve, the Maestro's Welcome. Three cocktail glasses with fresh coffee beans to garnish.

Our signature cocktail is the Maestro's Welcome - a simple and elegant twist on the Old Fashioned. It is inspired by generations of tradition, and the most beloved flavours of our Dominican home.

It started with our founder, Andrés Brugal, who was immensely proud of the island and would greet his guests by the pier, with a tot of Brugal rum. Each generation of our Maestros Roneros - Master Rum Makers - have since carried on this tradition.

In honour of this, we have created our spin on the Old Fashioned to welcome you to the wonders of Brugal 1888.

Maestro's Welcome ingredients:

50ml Brugal 1888 

10ml coconut syrup

Dash of coffee bitters (or 5ml coffee liqueur)


Stir all ingredients over ice to combine. Serve in a chilled rocks glass with ice, and garnish with three coffee beans.

For moments...

That deserve to be celebrated, big or small, with friends or family.

How to make a Brugal 1888 Royale – a celebratory rum champagne cocktail

rum old fashioned with brugal bottle and coconut ice spheres

Inspired by creating an exceptional version of a classic made for special occasions. Not only does the champagne lift and lighten this classic, it also adds a new dimension to our Brugal 1888 rum. The dryness of the champagne elevates Brugal 1888’s coconut note, instantly transporting you to the Dominican Republic with a sophisticated serve.


Brugal 1888 Royale ingredients

50ml Brugal 1888 

5ml Sugar syrup 

Splash dry champagne 

Glass: Rocks 

Ice: Large cube 



Stir 1888 and sugar briefly. Strain over a large cube of ice and top with a splash of champagne.


For moments…

That require the added wow factor, whether celebrating in style or raising a glass to mark a special occasion.


Our expert tip:

Make this ahead of time by pre-batching the rum and sugar syrup base. Multiply each ingredient by the number of serves required, stir, and set aside to chill. Decant into chilled glassware prior to serving and top with a splash of champagne to add sophisticated flair when served.

Twist on Old Fashioned: Craft Don Nano’s Favorite cocktail with coconut water and rum

Brugal 1888 Royale No Bottle

Brugal is crafted with over 130 years of rum-making expertise and 5 generations of Maestros Roneros. This cocktail is inspired by Don Nano: our 4th Generation Maestro’s favourite way to enjoy Brugal.

The sugar content of the frozen coconut water ice sphere melts slowly to expertly balance the dryness of our Brugal 1888 rum. Highlighting and bringing the different notes of the white American oak barrels used in the aging process to the fore. A simple yet mouth-watering serve that’s slightly sweetened.


Don Nano’s Favourite ingredients

50 ml Brugal 1888 

Frozen coconut water ice sphere 

Glass: Rocks

Ice: Sphere 



Add the coconut ice ball to a pre-chilled glass and pour over Brugal 1888. 


For moments… 

A wonderfully refreshing Aperitif, perfect for pre-dinner get-togethers to share with friends.


Our expert tip:

Make your ice spheres in advance using slightly sweetened coconut water to expertly balance the dryness of the rum. Use a large ice sphere that complements the chilled glassware to create a statement serve resembling a coconut.

Discover a Brugal 1888 Nightcap Old Fashioned with rum and chocolate bitters

Two Nightcap Rum Old Fashioned Cocktails on a tray beside chocolate

The Nightcap is a great way to finish any dinner. The chocolatey and raisin notes from the chocolate bitters and Sherry provide a great digestif and a wonderful sipping experience.


Brugal 1888 Nightcap ingredients

50ml Brugal 1888 

10ml PX Sherry

2 dashes of chocolate bitters

Glass: Rocks

Ice: Block ice (optional)



Add all ingredients, simply stir over ice and serve.


For moments...

As the evening winds down after dinner with friends.

How to make a Just Desserts Old Fashioned

Just Deserts cocktail garnished with a cherry on a decorative cocktail stick

A nearly neat serve that draws on the tannins of a full-bodied red wine to provide a dryness that pairs well with the richness of fruits such as plum and red berries. 'Just Desserts' is stirred down to allow the depth of Brugal 1888 to become intertwined with a variety of flavours for a rich mouthfeel.


Just Desserts ingredients 

50ml Brugal 1888 

5ml Cabernet Sauvignon 

3ml Sugar syrup 

2 dashes of plum bitters 

Garnish: Maraschino cherry on a gold cocktail skewer 

Glass: Nick and Nora 



Add all ingredients, then simply stir and serve.


For moments... 

When you are looking for something sweeter to enjoy with friends as the night progresses.