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The base spirit

The key to a superior nearly neat cocktail such as a Negroni, Manhattan or Old Fashioned is starting with an excellent base. Focus on finding a quality, versatile spirit like Brugal 1888 – a sipping rum that you can elevate further with just a few key ingredients.

It is this quality of the liquid that really shines through with our varied cocktail recipes that you can easily replicate using your home bar. They highlight the flavour profile of double cask aged Brugal 1888, and offer a twist on the classic short cocktails that you can rediscover at home. Select a few recipes to stock the ingredients for and practise when starting off, before expanding your expertise.

Setting up your home bar equipment

Sourcing the basic bar equipment will open a range of possibilities for you when creating cocktails. This is the essential bar equipment required for our Brugal 1888 classic cocktails and the staples of a good home bar:


  • Mixing spoon
  • Mixing jug
  • Double-sided jigger
  • Glassware
  • Large ice cube mould
  • Large ice sphere mould
  • Fine bar strainer

If you want to level up on the basics, then a sharp vegetable peeler will elevate your cocktails by producing beautiful twists you can use as a garnish. A hand juicer is also a great addition, meaning you can add a splash of citrus easily to any serve.

Glassware for your home bar

Using the right glass when crafting cocktails is very important to make the most of aroma and flavour. You don’t need to buy every type of glass – these key ones will put you in good stead for our Brugal 1888 nearly neat cocktails. We always recommend chilling your glassware to deliver world-class serves.

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Nick & Nora glasses

Rocks glasses

A hardy, thicker version of the Old Fashioned glass that is also
suited to drinks that require vigorous muddling or stirring in the
glass. Use for Negroni recipes like a Negroni Dominicana or
Jungle Negroni.

Old Fashioned glasses


Ice cubes and spheres

As a general rule, if there is ice in the glass then the cocktail can be made in the glass. If there isn’t ice, the cocktail should be made using a mixing jug with ice, before being strained and decanted into the glassware. If you’re wondering how you should drink rum, then we recommend using really large cubes or spheres for nearly neat serves. This reduces the time the ice takes to melt which means the dilution is lower, allowing you to sip and savour the complex flavours of Brugal 1888.

If you’re entertaining, remember to prepare your ice in plenty of time. You can transfer your ice cubes or spheres into a sealed bag in your freezer if you require more than a tray when stocking up for a larger gathering.



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Once you’ve set up your home bar, the possibilities for expansion are endless. Enjoy welcoming your friends and family to share the rewards with you.

With a great foundation to build on you will have a cocktail option to suit every occasion and taste.


In every moment, and every sip of Brugal 1888, wonders are waiting to be revealed.


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