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Rum Negroni Cocktail Recipe


Created in 1919, the Negroni was born out of a reimagined Americano cocktail – by replacing the soda water with gin. The Negroni is the quintessential “equal parts” cocktail consisting of vermouth, bitters and spirit. Each component in a Negroni works to balance the others, but they push back a little bit too, creating new dimensions as the drink unravels. 


Using Brugal 1888 in a Negroni tilts its flavour profile into the sipping category. The flavour lingers longer on your palate compared to a gin Negroni. It’s then you realize there is more to discover than just bitterness and citrus. 


As Brand Ambassador for Brugal 1888, Pavol Kazimir has used his decade of rum expertise to put together these new Negroni recipes – complete with all the ingredients you’ll need to add to your home bar for the perfect serve to bring out the best of any celebration with friends or family.

How to make a Negroni Dominicana 

Negroni Dominicana with Brugal 1888 garnished with vanilla pod

Did you know that Brugal’s home, the Dominican Republic, produces world-class vanilla? The tropical Caribbean climate allows the vanilla planifolia to flourish. The ingredient is widely used in the Dominican Republic from papaya juice to arroz con leche dessert and cakes.

Upgrading a classic with Dominican inspired flavours creates a fuller-bodied flavour experience when combined with Brugal 1888. Infusing sweet vermouth with vanilla elevates the flavour extracted from the American white oak bourbon casks while keeping the ratios of our Brugal 1888 rum as the hero. 


Negroni Dominicana ingredients

30ml Brugal 1888 

10ml Campari 

15ml Sweet vermouth (infused with vanilla pod) 

Glass: Rocks

Ice: Ice cube 

Garnish: Discarded orange peel and a vanilla pod 



Add all ingredients and simply stir over ice and add a vanilla pod as a garnish. 
Spray orange zest on top of the drink using orange peel for citrus finish. 


For moments... 

Celebrating with friends after work, as a very approachable cocktail for engaging conversation. 


Pavol’s expert tip:

“Purchase fresh vanilla pods and add two of these to 200ml of Sweet vermouth to infuse the flavours by leaving this to stand together for a minimum of 24 hours. This can be done in advance and if kept in a sealed container can be kept for 1 month. I like to use a resealable glass bottle.”

A negroni twist: how to make a Negroni Sibarita

Two Negroni Sibarita cocktails accompanied by Brugal 1888 bottle

Inspired by creating the perfect rum Negroni, with a standard that lives up to its name. Although the rum Negroni has been around for a while, no one has coined a term for this type of cocktail, unlike the whiskey equivalent the Boulevardier. We chose the name Sibarita meaning ‘devoted to pleasure and luxury’ for our Negroni – very in keeping with this serve don’t you think?


Aperol provides a lighter bitter grapefruit note to this refreshing and more floral take on a Negroni. The subtle honeyed-citrus flavour of Lillet Blanc helps bring out the stone fruit flavours of Brugal 1888 and showcase our rum in a different light. However, connoisseurs especially appreciate that the peach bitters awaken the hidden peach aroma of Brugal 1888’s use of European oak casks.


Negroni Sibarita ingredients

35ml Brugal 1888 

15ml Aperol 

15ml Lillet Blanc 

Dash of Peach bitters

Glass: Old fashioned

Ice: Ice cube 

Garnish: Grapefruit peel 



Add all ingredients and simply stir over ice. Add the grapefruit peel garnish and serve. 


For moments… 

To share with people who enjoy the good things in life. This serve works perfectly as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to fine snacks in the sun.


Pavol’s expert tip:

“Being my favourite Brugal 1888 cocktail, this refreshing serve is perfect to pre-make as a batched cocktail and chill. However, only add two-thirds of the amount of peach bitters if creating a batch and simply pour over large cubed ice, garnish and serve when needed.”

Try an unusual Jungle Negroni – perfect for summer

Two Jungle negroni cocktails beside cocktail making kit

A tropical jungle twist on the classic Negroni and the well-known Jungle Bird that’s perfect for summer. This drink satisfies a love of fruity tropical vibes however brings a more sophisticated sipping experience.


Jungle Negroni ingredients

35ml Brugal 1888 

10ml Campari 

10ml Pineapple syrup 

Glass: Rocks

Ice: Block

Garnish: Pineapple leaf



Add all ingredients and simply stir over ice. Add a pineapple leaf garnish and serve.


For moments… 

A perfect aperitif when catching up with friends.