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Rum Manhattan Cocktail Recipe


Created sometime around 1880, (around the same time that Brugal was founded in 1888) the Manhattan became the most famous cocktail in the world shortly after it was invented in New York City’s Manhattan Club.


The composition of a Manhattan is 2 parts spirit, 1 part vermouth and bitters. Each ingredient complements each other for a full-bodied flavour experience.


Brugal 1888 is crafted for depth of flavour, creating the ideal spirit to bring out the best of spirit-forward cocktails. A Manhattan serve puts the exceptional double-aged rum flavour at the forefront of the cocktail and is an experience that should not be missed.


Our Brand Ambassador for Brugal 1888, Pavol Kazimir, has used his decade of rum expertise to reimagine the Manhattan with our special rum – along with some other key ingredients from your home bar to craft the perfect serve. Let’s explore.

How to make a Dominican Double Rum Manhattan

Brugal 1888 bottle and Manhattan cocktails on table

Inspired by combining two of the Dominican Republic’s biggest exports, the organic banana and Brugal for a rich flavour profile.

A Dominican twist on a Manhattan that amplifies the rich flavour profile of Brugal 1888. This serve enhances and unlocks the sweet aroma of banana within Brugal 1888; a tasting note created by our carefully crafted double cask aging process, first in superior quality American Oak Bourbon casks and then European Oak Oloroso sherry casks. 


Dominican Double ingredients

50ml Brugal 1888 

10ml Briotette Creme de Banane 

10ml Dry Vermouth 

Glass: Small coupette 

Ice: Include ice in mixing jug 

Garnish: Banana chips on the side



Add all ingredients into a mixing jug with ice, stir and strain into pre-chilled glassware and serve with banana chips on the side.


For moments...

That need a deliciously balanced cocktail that’s a talking point to kick off a celebration in style.


Pavol’s expert tip: 

“Create a batch by multiplying each ingredient by the number of serves required. Add ice, stir and decant into chilled coupette glassware at the start of the evening.”


Dark Prince – discover a Manhattan with a twist 

Two Dark Prince rum cocktails presented next to a bowl of olives

Rich in flavour with a dry and smooth palate. The traditional Manhattan ingredient of sweet vermouth has been substituted for a combination of herbal and bitter-sweet Amaro with intense flavours. When this is stirred down it provides a robust baseline to highlight 1888’s fruiter notes including red berries, dates and citrus peel.


Dark Prince ingredients

50ml Brugal 1888 

10ml Cynar

10ml Amaro Averna 

Glass: Nick and Nora

Garnish: Orange twist



Add all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass. Add an orange twist garnish and serve.

How to make a Greenpoint Twist Manhattan

Two greenpoint twist cocktails

Chartreuse is not classically used in a lot of rum cocktails, but the herbaceous flavours work well with the rich and complex flavours of 1888. The sweet herbal notes from chartreuse, rich sweet vermouth and a subtle spice from Aztec chocolate bitters make this rich and grown-up Manhattan variation.


Greenpoint Twist Manhattan Ingredients

50ml Brugal 1888 

15ml Sweet Vermouth

4ml Yellow Chartreuse

1 dash of Aztec chocolate bitters

Glass: Nick and Nora



Add all ingredients, stir over ice, strain and serve.